Company Profile

0002Lubechem Products was established in March 2000 to address a need in the Petro-Chemical Industry and currently supplies additives, lubricants and greases to the Southern African Market.

We pride ourselves as marketers who produce an exceptionally high quality product, which more often than not, exceeds customer expectations. Specifications of International Standards are strictly adhered to and we have an ISO rated Laboratory in house, which ensures these standards, and Customer’s specialized requests are met. We employ a policy of best value for money in all formulation reproduction whilst adhering to the highest quality standards to ensure that our customers reap the benefit of our efforts.

The Blending Plant currently boasts an ISO 9001:2000 accreditation from the South African Bureau of Standards and is striving towards recognition of the ISO 14001 standard in keeping with our environmental policy. Therefore we are geared up to supply quality products for the Automotive, Commercial, Industrial, Metalworking as well as Agricultural Sectors well into this millennium.

We believe that a company is only as good as the people allow it to be therefore we place a high priority on Human Resource Selection and Development with strict adherence to a Staff Training Program in Health and Safety Initiatives which nurture a high level of Job Satisfaction. We currently have an employment policy in compliance with the B.E.E. Policy, concentrating on the employment of suitable qualified women and the previously disadvantaged.

Being a 100% B.E.E. company with 50% female ownership, we have had significant success in winning Government Tenders and wish to expand on this issue. Our policy is also to purchase from B.E.E. companies whenever possible.

With these policies in mind, we intend to be recognized as a major player in the lubricants Industry, serving a client base throughout the Southern African region via a network of focused, client orientated people who prove themselves with service excellence maintaining a credo of “The Customer is King.”